Eligible For Medical Marijuana? 3 Ways To Safely Medicate

Medical marijuana use is becoming increasingly accepted as more people realize the benefits cannabis can offer for relieving a variety of health issues. According to Fortune, 25 states have already legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, and there are several more with legalization on their upcoming ballot. As someone who has recently become eligible to purchase cannabis, you will need to use these three strategies to demonstrate that marijuana can be used safely for medicinal reasons.

Know Your State Laws

Although almost half of the United States has legalized medical marijuana, the laws can vary significantly from state to state regarding use and possession. For example, California allows a patient or caregiver to only possess 8 oz. or less of the dried plant at any given time. However, Colorado allows up to 1 oz. of retail marijuana to be in a person's possession provided they are a state resident. Talk to your physician and dispensary staff to ensure you are in compliance with your local ordinances.

Transport Marijuana Properly

In every state, driving under the influence of marijuana carries stiff penalties. Never cross state lines with marijuana in your car, and never use marijuana in your vehicle. While you may never get behind the wheel after using medical cannabis, you also want to avoid breaking any open container laws in your state. After purchasing your cannabis, keep it in the original, sealed container and place it in your trunk. This way, there is never a question about your ability to drive safely.

Use Safe Storage Methods

Cannabis is a naturally growing plant with medicinal uses, but, like any prescription medication, it can be dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. For example, children can sometimes mistake edibles for food. Keep your marijuana in a childproof container, and store it in a high cabinet that can be locked. If you have older teens in your home, consider using a hidden lock box in an area of your home that they cannot access such as a locked closet.

From pain relief to alleviating nausea, marijuana is being recognized for having true medicinal benefits. Now that you have legal access, you want to do your best to demonstrate responsibility that will honor the marijuana community. By following state laws, storing your marijuana properly and practicing safe driving, you can enjoy the benefits that marijuana has for your health while knowing you are doing so safely.