Four Natural Remedies For The Cold And Flu Season

If you hate getting sick during cold and flu season, then it is important to know about some of your natural remedy options. There are quite a few vitamins, minerals, and herbs that can help alleviate the symptoms or shorter the duration of a cold or flu. Some of these can be taken in pill or tablet form, but you can also find them in specially made flu remedy drinks that are sold online. Here's some of the most important ingredients to be aware of.  


Echinacea is a herb that is extremely popular in alternative medicine circles and used in many different cold and flu remedies. There has been some debate in the mainstream health community as to whether or not echinacea was beneficial or not, with some doctors suggesting it did not help. However, comprehensive studies have shown that it has a clear ability to lessen the length and severity of the cold (often when combined with Vitamin C) . Some of these studies involved injecting subjects with live cold virus, and patients who took echinacea had a 35 percent lower risk of the cold.

When looking for echinacea, make sure that it is combined with vitamin C. This is one of the most powerful cold fighting combos you can get.


You will often see goldenseal paired alongside echinacea, but it is important to understand that goldenseal in and off itself won't help ward off the cold or flu. However, it does do something very helpful for people suffering from flu and cold symptoms; it can soothe sore throat and suppress fits of coughing. The cough suppression is due to a chemical compound in goldenseal called Berberine. Taking goldenseal on its own won't help to shorten or prevent the cold, but it is super helpful in easing the symptom.


Elderberries have gotten a great deal of attention lately due to a series of studies on an extract based on elderberries. The studies seem to indicate that the extract can lessen the severity and length that flu sufferers experience the illness. This confirms what traditional folk remedies have long suggested—that the berries from the elder bush were helpful in treating flu and cold problems.


This helpful mineral is essential for dealing with the early stages of a cold or flu. It has been shown to lessen the duration of the cold or flu. What is interesting is that the studies suggest that the lozenges were not that effective. It should also be noted that there are some mild side effects when taking zinc supplements, namely an upset stomach.