3 Ways To Consume Cannabis Orally

When it comes to purchasing and using cannabis, there are multiple ways for you to consume it. Before heading down to your local dispensary, it is important to understand the different ways you can use cannabis and how your body absorbs it.

Method #1: Edibles

When you go into a dispensary near Baltimore or somewhere else near you, and someone starts to talk to your about edibles, they are talking to you about food that is infused with cannabis. These products can be infused with cannabis via the combination of cannabis with a carrier agent, such as butter or olive oil. Then the cannabis is baked into the product.

Edibles are often in the form of candies when at dispensaries, such as gummy candies or chocolates. However, edibles really are any food that contains cannabis. Many people purchase cannabis butter, oils, and honey, and use them to make their own edibles that they can't get at a dispensary, such cannabis French toast.

Edibles are popular because they are discrete, and don't look like you are consuming cannabis. Edibles are also popular because although it takes longer for you to feel the effects of the cannabis, the effects often linger for a longer time.

Method #2: Tinctures

Tinctures have become a popular method for consuming cannabis. Tinctures are made with extracted cannabis that is then combined with fat-soluble liquids or alcohol. Tinctures come in small containers with droppers for dispensing the liquid. You can take the dropper and literally drop three or four drops of the liquid under your tongue. This allows the tincture and cannabis to be quickly absorbed into your blood stream, instead of swallowed and digested like an edible.

Many people like tinctures because they are discrete and look like you are just taking medication. They are also fast acting, unlike edibles, which take longer for your body to process.

Method #3: Oils

Finally, there are oils capsules. These oil capsules look like a multi-vitamin and are usually packaged in containers that look like a regular pill container. The oil capsules contain cannabis oil, which is extracted cannabis that is combined with an oil, similar in kind to a tincture. This is a very easy way to consume cannabis. The impact is very similar to eating an edible. Your body has to digest the pill, and it will take a while to feel the impact, but once you feel it, the impact should last for a while.

When it comes to eating cannabis, the three most popular methods are edibles, tinctures, and oil pills. The one you choose is really about how long you want to wait to feel the effects and how you want to ingest the cannabis.