Visiting Canada? Here Are Some Tips For Crossing The Border After Buying CBD Oil

If you've decided to visit Canada on vacation, you might decide to buy some CBD oil while you're there. Perhaps you've been hiking or skiing and want to try this natural healthcare product to relieve muscle pain and help you sleep, or maybe you're on a business trip and you feel confident in CBD oil's ability to reduce your stress after each of your daily meetings. Derived from cannabis, but not psychoactive because it doesn't include THC, CBD oil is legal in both the United States and Canada. However, that doesn't mean that authorities at the border are fully aware of the legality of cannabis products that travelers carry, which is a topic that makes frequent headlines. Here are some tips for crossing the border back into the U.S. after you've bought CBD oil while in Canada.

Don't Carry It With You

Theoretically, you should be able to cross the border with a bottle of CBD oil, given its legality. However, should you attempt to do so, there's also a risk that the border authorities could detain you because of concerns that your product contains THC, and is thus illegal according to federal law. Your best solution is to avoid bringing your CBD oil back into the U.S. with you. When you shop for a bottle in Canada, buy a smaller-volume bottle that you can use in its entirety before you travel out of the country.

Get Rid Of Receipts

It's also a good idea to discard any receipts that you have in your possession after buying the CBD oil at a cannabis dispensary in Canada. In the event of a random vehicle check at the border, authorities would likely find your receipt. They'd then be apt to conduct more of a thorough investigation of your vehicle, which could result in damage to the vehicle and a lengthy delay in your trip getting home. Keeping all evidence out of the vehicle is your best bet.

Don't Be Under The Influence

Because it's not psychoactive, CBD oil will not alter you. However, other cannabis products obviously will, and if you decided to buy a product that contains THC at a dispensary in Canada, do not use it soon before crossing the border. Even if you're a passenger rather than driving, appearing to be under the influence at the border will lead to extensive delays, and will almost certainly result in a time-consuming vehicle search.