What Can You Treat With a CBD Oil Tincture?

Many people highly value cannabidiol for its healing properties. You can get CBD into your system by smoking cannabis buds. However, some people find this method of ingestion unnecessarily complicated. A natural supplement, like a CBD oil tincture, will allow you to treat yourself with CBD without damaging your lungs. Here are just a few of the conditions that a CBD oil tincture can treat.


The symptoms of anxiety can be mental and/or physical. Mentally, anxiety is characterized by racing thoughts, particularly thoughts of a negative variety. You may find yourself having intrusive thoughts about all the bad things that could happen to you. People experiencing anxiety often suffer from a pounding heart, shortness of breath, excess sweating, and other unpleasant physical symptoms. Fortunately, CBD can relieve anxiety. When you take a dose of a CBD tincture, you'll find it easier to relax. People with chronic anxiety can find relief in this simple supplement.


Depression is a medical condition that can affect people of any age. It's characterized by feelings of despondency and hopelessness. Unlike ordinary sadness, which comes and goes, usually in accordance with outside events, depression can last for weeks or months, years. Antidepressants can offer relief from the condition, but these drugs may also cause side effects. CBD oil tinctures can treat depression naturally. Use a CBD tincture daily to elevate your mood.


CBD oil tincture can also be used to treat eczema. Although it's designed for oral use, it's also safe to use CBD externally. Simply rub a small amount of CBD oil on your eczema flare-up to obtain relief. CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe the irritation caused by eczema. It's also very hydrating, which can relieve some of the itchiness and flaking associated with this skin condition. Apply CBD oil to your skin regularly to reduce your chances of developing an eczema flare-up.


Arthritis is a disease that affects a person's joints, causing swelling and pain. Over time, arthritis can wear away the connective tissue that protects and lubricates your joints, leading to difficulty bending. DMARDs can halt the progression of arthritis, but breakthrough pain is still a possibility. CBD oil tincture can relieve arthritis pain. Allow a dosage of tincture to slowly absorb beneath your tongue, and you will soon feel a reduction in pain. The anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD will also relieve your joint swelling. Some companies, like Living Bliss Herbs, knows that a reliable anti-inflammatory is hard to come by.