Like Power Lifting? Look For These Features When Joining A Gym

There are many different ways to use the gym. A runner is going to use the gym differently from a boxer, for example. So, if your main passion and priority is power lifting, what features should you be looking for in a gym? Start with these.

1. Multiple Weight Stations

Some general purpose gyms have a lot of cardio equipment and only a weight station or two. As nice as these gyms might be, you might spend a lot of time waiting if you're trying to get in a good weight workout. As a power lifter, since most of your workout will be lifting, you really want to look for a gym with multiple weight stations — and maybe even a separate room where this weight equipment is located.

2. A Variety of Benches, Plates, and Bars

Keep in mind that what you're lifting right now and the exercises you're doing right now might change as time goes on. As such, you should look for a gym with a variety of benches, bars, and plates. You want to see some bumper plates that you can use when you're moving up in weight and at a greater risk of dropping the bar. You also want to see some specialty bars with bends and grips for specific lifts. Even though you may spend most of your time in the squat rack as a power lifter, you want to also look for flat and angled benches so you can do smaller lifts effectively, too.

3. Room Around the Weight Stations

Also check that the weight lifting stations are spaced out well. As a power lifter whose goal is to lift big weights — if not now, then soon — you will need a lot of room around the weight stations to avoid bumping into other people. Make sure you can stand at the end of one station's mat with a weight bar and not interfere with the neighboring mat.

4. Chalk Allowed

Finally, you want to choose a gym where chalk is allowed. Some more general purpose gyms do not allow chalk because they don't want the mess, but as a power lifter, you really need to use chalk to let your hands slide on the weights properly.

If you look for the qualities above when visiting a gym, then you should find yourself in a gym that is well suited to your needs as a power lifter.