Unique CBD Products That CBD Stores Are Beginning To Stock

A couple of years ago, most CBD stores were pretty straightforward in terms of their layout and stock. You'd have an aisle of gummies and other edibles, an aisle of vape products, and several aisles of various concentrates, tinctures, and oils. You could meet all of your CBD needs with these products. In fact, you still can. But if you want to step outside the box a little, there are now some more creative CBD products that stores are starting to stock.

CBD Hand Sanitizer

With the COVID-19 pandemic sparking and increased interest in cleanliness and sanitization, hand sanitizers formulated with CBD are starting to show up. The alcohol in hand sanitizer tends to dry your hands out, but CBD can help counteract that. If you're someone who uses sanitizer multiple times a day, this may be a great way to avoid ending up with scaly, red hands.

CBD Hair Masks

CBD can help nourish and condition the hair, and CBD shampoos and conditioners have been around for a while. Now, companies are starting to make CBD hair masks, which you're meant to leave on the hair for longer, resulting in deeper and longer-lasting nourishment. Using one of these masks once a month or so can be a good way to pamper yourself and condition your hair.

CBD Dental Floss

Do you deal with red and irritated gums? Usually, this means you have gingivitis, which you can clear up by brushing and flossing more often. Using CBD-infused floss can give your treatment plan a little extra "oomph" since CBD is good at relieving pain and inflammation. You may find your gums feel better after using it.

CBD Drinks

Drinks infused with CBD are becoming quite common. There are CBD-infused seltzers, juices, and even flavored waters. These can be a good choice for parties when everyone else is drinking alcohol, but you want to relax with a non-alcoholic beverage. They're also just a nice, relaxing drink for a quiet evening at home.

CBD Toilet Paper

If you've ever had a sore bottom, then you might want to keep some CBD toilet paper handy. It soothes your backside when you wipe and may be particularly nice if you have IBS.

So, the next time you decide to visit a CBD store, don't be afraid to get a bit creative! Bring home a new product, and give it a try. You may discover a whole new, favorite way to use CBD.