Why You Should Try Your Gym's Power Yoga Class

Even if you have never tried a yoga class in the past, you may find the appeal of power yoga powerful. After all, yoga comes in many forms, and you may find that you simply haven't found the right option to meet your needs.

Are you ready to try power yoga? Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to at your gym's next session.

You'll Move Quickly

One thing is certain about power yoga: you will not be bored. Unlike traditional yoga classes, power yoga transitions quickly and does not require you to take slow breaks between moves. If you are turned off by yoga because it feels slow and sleepy, this kind of practice might change your mind.

You'll Build Strength

If you like to lift weights, you'll like the strength-building component of power yoga. These classes incorporate many strength exercises, like planks and push-ups. You'll also be moving into lunges, side planks, and other strength-focused movements.

You'll Get Better at It

With each class, you will build more endurance and stamina. The fast motions may feel tiring at first, but you will hold poses longer and longer each session with ease. With each time, you'll feel like you are lasting longer in each pose.

You'll Feel Relief

When you leave power yoga, you will feel a relief of tension and stress. You'll be more mindful, and you'll learn to breathe. You will feel much less anxious after your session, and regular practice can also help you feel more focused and motivated. Some people find they are able to concentrate better on work or school.

You'll Become More Flexible

Flexibility is a major component of any yoga practice, and power yoga is no exception. In your gym classes, you will move through many motions, many of which are flexibility and mobility focused. This also helps you reduce your risk of injury.

You'll Stick to a Gentle Routine

If you are taking a break from high-impact gym workouts, power yoga is a great choice. Low-impact exercises help you avoid injury. If you are trying to stay safe, power yoga may be the best move.

Sign Up for a Gym Membership

Do you think trying a new class at the gym is right for you? Now is a great time to sign up for the gym. A membership can help you try new activities you never imagined you would be interested in.

Contact a gym in your area to ask about what classes they have available.