What Are The Advantages Of Somatic Attachment Therapy For The Body And Mind?

When trying to heal from trauma or mental health concerns, patients have many therapy modalities to consider. Somatic attachment therapy is an excellent choice for people who long for a natural remedy for anxiety, depression, or PTSD. These are some advantages of using somatic attachment therapy.

1. Find peace from difficult relationships

In some cases, discontinuing relationships that no longer serve you is the healthiest possible option. However, it's not always possible to cut certain people out of your life. Furthermore, people can continue to affect your mental health, even after they're no longer in your life, if your memories of them continue to influence your mental state. Somatic attachment therapy can help you find peace from difficult relationships by focusing on promoting feelings of calm, safety, and well-being in your body. You can rely on this stability no matter where you are or who you're with.

2. Start the healing process before you change your thoughts

Some types of therapy focus on changing your thoughts and habits. However, this process can be frustrating, especially for people who feel their trauma or anxiety strongly in their bodies. If the problem seems to be located in your body instead of your mind, somatic attachment therapy can help you find relief more quickly. A racing heart can tell you about your anxiety. It can also be calmed without using cognitive-behavioral techniques through a focus on meditation and other calming practices. When you're able to calm your body, you may find that your thoughts naturally begin to settle down as well.

3. Incorporate your whole body into the healing process

Somatic attachment therapy is a holistic method of counseling that integrates your whole body into the healing process. You'll learn to honor your stomach, lungs, chest, and any other body part where you feel sensations related to your thoughts, feelings, and memories. People with trauma related to food or exercise may find that somatic attachment therapy helps them heal by fostering a more cooperative and loving relationship with their bodies.

4. Learn to practice nonjudgment

Learning to be nonjudgmental toward yourself can help you find relief from depression. When you let go of unrealistic expectations, you can meet yourself where you're at and learn to appreciate the person that you are. Somatic attachment therapy can help you in this endeavor. As you meditate and discuss your feelings with your therapist, you'll learn to greet each feeling and sensation with curiosity instead of condemnation. This attitude can help you learn to be more flexible in many aspects of your life.